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It’s back, by popular demand! Once again, your representatives on the PLC have decided to run Summer Camp Troop 8 style! That’s right, we’re going back to the fun-filled town of Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania and camping for a week in the middle of the beautiful Appalachian Wilderness.

Ohiopyle is a whitewater tourist town, with numerous outfitters in the downtown area who lead trips to explore the river and surrounding area. The Youghiogheny river runs through the western edge of the Appalachian mountains, which, along with the other fabulous creeks, rivers, hills and mountains in the area, makes Ohiopyle an ideal place to camp and explore for the week.

Our trip will take us to both Ohiopyle State Park and (new this year!) the nearby Outflow Recreation Area in the town of Confluence, just a couple miles up the road. From there, we’ll be launching patrol activities around the area - on the river, nearby trails, and more! Pike Briggs and Jack Wallace will be leading this year’s trip. Read on for more details...



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Ohiopyle Summer Camp: The Details

Our week-long summer camp adventure will be a wild, crazy, fun filled “base camp”-style adventure in beautiful Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania. On the western edge of the Appalachian Mountains, Ohiopyle State Park is located alongside the Youghiogheny River (that’s pronounced “yokah-gae-nee”), which along with the mountains indigenous to southern Pennsylvania makes the town an ideal place for camping, hiking, and boating.

This year we’ll be making use of two different campsites: Scarlett Knob, just outside of Ohiopyle State Park, and the Outflow Recreation Area in Confluence. The Outflow Area is located on Youghiogheny River Lake in the heart of the Laurel Highlands. The lake feeds the Youghiogheny River, which we will be making use of throughout the week. Clean waters, forested mountains and steep-sided valleys provide an unsurpassed setting for recreational opportunities.

The week will be spent working on “core skills” challenges with your patrol. Lots of the activities will focus on refining your first aid, cooking, camping, and navigational skills. The rest of the time will be filled with other technical skills to work on – like hiking, canoeing, and rock climbing. Much of the focus will on working together with your patrol, so that you’ll be able to do more challenging and technical stuff the rest of the year!



The Day-by-Day Plan

Our departure will be early the morning of Sunday, July 19th at Lily Park (on Platt Rd, south of Ellsworth). The driving time to Ohiopyle is approximately seven hours, including a lunch stop, so we’ll arrive at camp in the late afternoon.

The next morning after breakfast, we’ll start with activities in patrols. The activities will vary from patrol to patrol depending on your selections. The possible list of activities includes many popular activities from last year: rafting, kayaking, biking, climbing, or the river hike, to name a few, as well as a few new activities: a backpacking trip away from base camp or an overnight bike trip along the scenic rail trail that follows the Youghiogheny River . Some of them may be more unpredictable and challenging, but all of them will be designed to help you learn and refine a variety of skills.

Wednesday, in fine Troop 8 tradition, will be different! During the day on Wednesday, we’ll be doing service projects for local organizations. On Wednesday night we will be sampling some Italian food at Meloni’s, which is a restaurant in the nearby city of Uniontown, followed by a trip to the movie theater. This night will be a nice break from the challenges of camp. Thursday through Saturday, the challenges will increase, and the tasks carried out will grow so that a patrol’s members become more reliant on their personal skills and less reliant on their patrol leader.


Equipment and Experience

There will be no prerequisite for summer camp this year. However, if you are new to Troop 8, we highly recommend that you come on a weekend outing before this trip so that you learn some tricks of the trade!

Be sure to check the gear list attached to the event description on the web site. This list was generated specifically for summer camp this year, so follow it closely! There will be a pre-summer camp gear check meeting prior to departure for camp that you’ll need to attend as well. If you can’t make that gear check meeting or you didn’t pass the previous gear check there will be a makeup meeting the following Tuesday.

Sign-ups and Paperwork

We ask that you sign up with your patrol leader as soon as you know you’ll be going! Our target is to have all signups in by Friday, July 3.

Sign-ups will be taken by calling or e-mailing your patrol leader. New scouts can call or e-mail Pike Briggs (, 734-353-6180) or Jack Wallace (, 734-358-6151). Please try to be helpful by responding with a definite "yes" or "no" before the July 3rd deadline.  Shortly after that, we will have to close the trip to signups.


The cost for Troop 8 Summer Camp this year will be $400 per person. These fees cover all the general trip costs: camping fees, food, equipment rentals, transportation, and many other miscellaneous items. The per-week cost is less than a typical BSA-run scout camp, but with much more adventure included!

In addition to the camp charges, there will be the usual need for “pocket change” spending money in camp and for “road meals” on the trip down and back. This consists of two fast food meals and money for spending in-town on souvenirs, ice cream, etc.  Parents of new boys who aren’t yet used to handling their own money can give one envelope to an adult or senior scout/trip leader to distribute the money throughout the week.

All payments must be made to Troop 8, and sent to the troop treasurer Tsering Dolma (, 734-276-1358). Families of boys who sign up will be billed for deposits, but we’d prefer to save the postage if possible by having you send your payment directly.

A Reminder for Parents: As with all Troop 8 outings and trips, it’s very important that no interested participant shies away from Summer Camp for financial reasons. The skills that a scout learns and will later share with rest of the world are far more important to us than the cost of canoe rentals or park permits. Drop a note to the troop treasurer or approach a scout leader in confidence and we will see to it that the fundraising that you have contributed to is used to help defray your costs.


Got Questions?

Scouts should address their questions to the trip leaders, Pike Briggs (, 734-353-6180) or Jack Wallace (, 734-358-6151). Parents with adult-level questions, or parents of new scouts should direct their inquiries to Max Miller (, 734-8854) or Steve Zekany (, 734-239-3772). As always, we ask that parents please do not “cross the boundary” by keeping parental inquiries exclusively at the adult level.


Don’t Forget the Summer Camp Sequence!

1) Sign up by July 3rd - Sign up by emailing or calling your patrol leader.

2) Be ready for final pre-camp meeting and gear check on July 7 or July 14. Let your patrol leader know if you have loaner gear needs.

3) A $200 deposit is due by July 10th. Checks payable to “St. Thomas Troop 8” may be mailed to troop treasurer Tsering Dolma 2755 Oakcleft St, Ann Arbor, MI, 48103... OR let the treasurer or scoutmaster know about financial need.

4) The remaining $200 is due by the end of July. Please mail a check to Tsering Dolma.

5) Meet July 19 at Lillie Park for departure for camp! Check the website for more details.

6) Come back to your boring non-Troop 8 reality on the evening of July 26.

Date and Time: 
Sun, 07/19/2015 - 9:00am - Sun, 07/26/2015 - 9:00pm

Lillie Park - on Platt Road about 1/2 mile south of Ellsworth

Use the south entrance (the one with the playground and large parking lot)

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Dropped at home
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Summer Camp 2015