From canoeing the mighty Huron River to Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Troop 8 at St. Thomas Church runs the most amazing year-round outdoor adventure and leadership program in the area.

Venture Mid-Week Report

Hi All!

Well, it's been very busy in Colorado from the moment we landed, so this is the first (and probably only) mid-trip report.

We arrived on schedule in Colorado and have now mastered the skill of packing 14 people and gear into two minivans (thank goodness for one Toyota Sienna...).  Our first evening with Scouter Connor at CU-Boulder gave the kids a brief view of college life, including the walk for evening pizza.  Shane has now been assigned a buddy since he got left in the bathroom and instead joined the adults for Chinese.

Venture Mid-Week Report Part 2

For those of you following the trip online, the boys traveled first from the base of the Ski Cooper ski area at the top of Tennessee pass up to Vance's Hut below Chicago Ridge.   On the second day, they had a long day from Vance's Hut north all the way downill into the Camp Hale valley, then all the way back up again to Jackal Hut, the highest elevation hut in the system with great access to awesome backcountry ski terrain.

Nima bites the dust with a beautiful face-plant
Scouter Mark checks out the view.