From canoeing the mighty Huron River to Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Troop 8 at St. Thomas Church runs the most amazing year-round outdoor adventure and leadership program in the area.

Whitewater Photos

A collection of photos from the whitewater trip so far, from Drew going down to Sir Thomas of the High Brace running River's End.   Check out the craziness!

Whitewater Day 3

Our intrepid whitewater crew spent yesterday evening back out on the water, practicing eskimo rolls and playing around in the small waves near town.   Nima joined brother Dawa in nailing a hands roll (an eskimo roll from underwater without using a paddle), and ShaneL adjusted to his better-fitting boat by running a Bob gauntlet of a few dozen rolls on each side while staying caalllmmmm.    All of the guys are looking really solid, and they must be holding up well to the pace of activities if they go out kayaking for a couple of hours after going kayaking for the day

Whitewater Day 2

The Whitewater gang got a timely start this morning as their camping practice has begun to shift into Venture mode.  We hooked up with our guides from Wilderness Voyageurs, led by Tom their lead kayak instructor.  Shane Steinl got outfitted with a new boat, since he had the misfortune of growing about 6 inches this spring since we outfitted him in his troop boat.  All the other guys stuck with their current kayaks.


Whitewater Day 1

Greetings to the Venture folks at home from the crew of Ohiopyle Round 2: The Whitewater Experience.   Bob and Max are with the group until Thursday, then top kayaker Nate, top kayak alumnus Tim, and kayaker wannabe Mark will take over.  Big thanks to Pa Steinl for to loan of a trailer-capable vehicle to handle the mid-section of the trip.


Summer Camp Day 8: Michigana



Summer Camp Day 7: Nirvana

It’s over. (Well, almost.) Looking back at the week behind us, I am reminded of a song in a forgotten English dialect:


-Some band

Summer Camp Day 6: Alpine Shepherd Boy

Penultimate is one of my favorite words.  It balances an impending sense of inevitability with the hope given by another chance. So, today, on our penultimate activity day, I reflect on how much our scouts have changed over the week, as well as how soon it will all have to end. (My other favorite words are eclectic, quixotic, and entente, one of which I think describes myself. I’ll let you decide which.)

Summer Camp Day 5: Dulciana

Today was a good day’

-Some guy in a rap group

We took the inspiring words of that upstanding man and today used them to make this day the best it could be. As the saying goes:

‘Carpe Diem’

Summer Camp Day 4: Italiana

Wednesday is named after Odin, the king of all the Norse gods. (It’s apparently Woden sometimes. Woden’s Day. Wednesday.) And just like Odin is the king of the gods, Wednesday at Summer Camp is the king of the days. (Of course, that means that Thursday is Wednesday’s son, which doesn’t make too much sense, but whatever. It’s still a good analogy. Wednesday is about the halfway point of our week here at Summer Camp, so we usually decide to take a ‘day off’ and let the scouts relax and recover a bit.

Summer Camp Day 3: Americana

I think Tuesdays are given a bad rap. They’re not usually seen as “exciting” or “useful”, but rather, one of the most boring days of the week. This reminds me of another famous quote:

“That’s the exception that proves the rule.”

-Some guy, who doesn’t know what ‘proves’ means.